Expanding Simplicity

Wonbaek Shin (KR )
Expanding Simplicity

In the installation Expanding Simplicity enamelled copper wires with a cross-section of 0.15 mm and 400 m long are fitted to a fractal form. With this material – used as a resistance – WONBAEK SHIN generates electric tension without the employment of electronic components. Due to the infinite repetition of its complex shape and craft the fragile structure generates a circuit with 230 volts which causes a small light bulb of 6 volt to glow. The artwork, a square based material image, comprises 2 levels: The process of production and the result. The artwork, carefully handcrafted like a fabric over weeks, reminds on traditional weaving techniques. Following the time span the rhythm and the repeating hand movings engender a state of mental concentration and self-absorption. Regarding the object the complexity of the visual surface and its elaborated texture seem to blur into an elementary electric process. The complexity of the object transforms into “expanded simplicitiy”.

Acrylic glas,
enamelled copper wires
light bulb
Video HD, color, mute