Ulf Aminde (DE )

For weiter! Ulf Aminde has handed a few chairs to a group of punks hanging out in a park in Berlin Friedrichshain and asked them to play "Our journey to Jerusalem" (a popular game at childrens' parties). They have a hell lot of fun and of course know the rules but the game doesn't work anyway. Some sit down next to it, some don't react at all and some sit on their mates' laps. 

Ulf Aminde who lives and works in Berlin has portrayed the borders of society in many of his works: Punks, alcoholics, homeless and others.
He participated at the 4th Berlin Biennale, the Havanna Biennale 2006 as well as the exhibition Survival of the Fittest (Kunstraum München, Kunstverein Wolfsburg).


Ulf Aminde, weiter!, DE 2002

Tuesday 03. 06 (All day)
Schleifweg 6, Halle (Saale)